Do you know the forces of commercial domicile?

Choosing an address is an important parameter that can affect your company’s overall image.

Discover your new business center 

Domicile of your head office

A professional business domicile effectively influences its brand image. This is why we must never neglect this stage of the creation of a society

A personalised secretariat

As an independent or as a small business, it is not easy to manage all aspects of your business to perfection. That’s why we offer you a lot of services .

Your company at a prestigious address

Enjoy a commercial lease with no office rental fees, choose from our various home plans to make sure you only pay what you really need.

We create fully connected systems so you can focus on your business

Relax and focus on growing your business; With S. Office, 

running your business won’t be a problem.


We're here to help!



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1050 Brussels

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S.Office is owned by ES COMPANY

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